Saturday, July 3, 2010

Corner of Addiction

I feel alive & vivacious
Regaining the colors of life
An interesting ones
A long missed out moments
It's my place of addiction!! 
*Crazee over it prolly due to the absence of such places in Kampar*

Getting a cup of Hot Caramel Macchiato
 One of my best fav coffee beverages in Starbucks
The hot cup comes along with a light sandwich
Chicken&Cheese Smoked Ham Sandwich
 and here they are
My dinner!

It's been a month since my last cup of Coffee
over addicted to it and miss it so much
as if I am taking drugs
Starbucks is on my first to-do-list back in Ipoh
Am dropping by Starbucks 
Having the meal n drink
but it's definitely an enjoyment of life!
Drinking the hot cup and blogging from Starbucks
Although alone but I love it
Enjoyed the once in awhile of loneliness
 Simply loves the peaceful nite along with jazz

It's been awhile since my last cup of coffee
*Note: I can only take coffee made of pure beans*
Can't take Nescafe/Oldtown White Coffee or any other mixture of coffee
Having an allergy against them
So, taking Starbucks/Coffee Bean is not because of the fame 
But pure and originality
Eye for quality rather than pricing
Heart Starbucks lots!
Floating over the satisfaction
Feeling blissful and in love
Over it
Shall I get you and blend you myself? *smirk*

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