Friday, May 28, 2010

Token of Appreciation

I my friends
Being in the mode of
cheerless, depressed, heartbroken

comforted me
tried all sorts of ways
to brighten up my day

Thx to QiQi & Kar Mun
brought me to dinner@Kizuna
Ordered any foods that makes me happier
Pan Fried Salmon

Hotate Yaki/Stew Scallop

Yaki Gyoza/Pan Fried Dumplings *Thumbs up*

Kaisen Guratan/Cheese Baked Seafood Fried Rice

Qiqi, Pek Lee & Kar Mun
Brought me to Ebox
for a K-session
Just to cheer me up
Sang 刘力杨-礼物
End up washing in tears

cuddled me
hugged me
to warm me up in such a cold room

Ah Fat & Seed
Cheered me up too!
Brought me out for a simple chit-chat session
Care for me
Thx guys! *they robbed me!*

p.s: Going to KL for 2D1N.

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