Monday, May 31, 2010

Little Updates

Let's recap on some late updates on my KL trip. Well, went to KL on last Friday(Wesak Day) with mom. Main thing is to help bro shift stuff back to Ipoh as he had done his MUFY at Sunway. Congrats bro!

Yay! Driving around with own car but hate the heavy traffic flows! KL/PJ, jamming everywhere...
Went to 1U shop with mom, bro and his gf. End up getting sore feet after half day walking with heels. Back home and ordered Domino Pizza, first time have it and it is damn nice! Prolly bro is good in selecting the pizza which taste better. So tiring till dozed off !

Next day, had our brekky at Tmn Megah ->Dim Sum. Then went to Bangsar for boutique walkings. As usual, damn jam and hardly get a parking. Did not manage to visit each of the boutique, wish to go again. Love those shops and items are priced at a reasonable ones.
Rushed back to Ipoh as Mom have to attend wedding dinner. While I started to pack stuff back to Kampar.

And now, I am in Kampar blogging this after so many months. It changed alot, the whole town is crowded with students and cars. Traffic jam everywhere, sound horrible huh! Another thing is weather getting worse->hotter!!

Re-entering to the "reality"

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