Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heartfelt Gratitude To All

It's been 7months, during this period, I gone through life in PJ, it was indeed a happy ones. Busy life pours in with hectic schedule, seriously love that. Always glad to meet new people from different network.
But, life changed back to hometown with a month of break. Hopes to occupy it with some hectic schedule but hard to do so. Stupidity controls over my mind. "It" came back to me, why do this to me? I thought, yea..."thought". A "thought" which kills me deeper day after day. Hope to pull it out so much, it hurts badly, but who knows?

I need you, my friends. I need you all so badly. I feel grateful to have you boys and girls staying with me all the time. Sincerely appreciate all of yours advice and cares. Thank you for being so supportive and mean to me. I would love to listen to you guys and never mad on it if you guys prefer to talk something mean and rude, it might wake me up from the nightmare.

Special thanks to:
Gywen - Truly appreciate for the advice you gave me. I hope I really take action against it rather than talking.
Emilie - You are one of the best sista who always stay with me. No doubt, I always buzz you up and you spare time for me.
Saki - Thanks for being so mean to me. Seriously like the way you talk. I hope those mean ones somehow wake me up. And your line really made me smile..
"Life is short life penis, it seems so long when it gets harder" & "The greatest repay is to live better".
Pek Lee, Mimi, Poh Chee - My ji mui forever! You girls are the ones who always stay with me, try everything to keep me up. There is nothing I can say to describe how good are you guys to me. Especially Mimi, you have to bear with me for a year and listen to craps.
Nicholas (son son) - Thank you for always be with Mummy.
Kevin - Let the bygones be the bygones....hope I can instill this in my mind.
Eric - Even you are exhausted like shyt, you still be there for me. Thank you so much!! You are my best buddy forever!
Estella - Tq for all the meaningful advice and talks. It is somehow a different advice from an experienced person like you. Hope you always be a great Mom to your Dada!
Ray -" To LIVE is 2 have a PURPOSE; without it there is no meaning in LIFE...." . A simple one but means alot to me. Thanks!

Dear all, I hope you guys willing to help me together to pull it out.
The people said : TIME heals.

Erasing with cruelty


Anonymous said...

i'll help ! lets mamak again ! LOL

don think too much lar k dear. everything will be just fine =)

elaine-mia said...

Thx Sam. U said ga, if call u must come out ychar...let u see i kean fr emilie gao gao lor...smtime she reli makes me smile.haha

emilie hsan said...

wahhhh.. so touchiee~ now only i saw this.. hopefully wun be too late :p

elaine-mia said...

Walao eh! EmIlie kang, now only u saw this? It was a month ago liao.. Haha.. But u still look bck old post.. Tq!