Monday, May 24, 2010

A 2D1N Short Vacation to Penang Island

Went to Penang last weekend. Had a short yet memorable ones. Although just a simple ones but it's a meaningful trip. And I successfully controlled myself from buying stuff at the malls. Did not spend on items but just foods. Let's have a close updates on my Day 1 & Day 2 in Penang.

Day 1:
Reached PG in 1hr5mins!! That makes me speechless and feel like vomiting, thanks to dad's driving skill! It's 430pm in the afternoon, meet up with friend at 5pm, headed up to Batu Ferringhi for sunset views and dinner. Reached there around 6pm, lucky the weather is just nice and we choose a seat right on the beach, of course not to expect with a stable tables and chairs as there's sands on the ground. Saw alot tourist from oversea, and some families with kids as well. Oh ya, we dine at Sunset Bistro, one of the nicest place to watch sunset in Penang.
If you like to watch sunset like me, Sunset Bistro offers you the best place. It is located next to Parkroyal Hotel. It is a bistro by the beach with sunset backdrop to fill the ambiance. There's no aircond or fan as it is an open air bistro with wind blows, it is more than enough. Click here to know more about Sunset Bistro's review.
It is truly a nice place to hang out especially in the evening during the sunset. Saw peoples enjoying on their banana boat, horse ride or parachute ride. It is not cheap as it costs MYR60 per ride. We ordered some snacks, unfortunately I did not order my favorite cocktail-> Long Island Iced Tea.
Banana Split
Mixed Fruit Platter
Sunset Special Pizza
Notty Parrot

After meal, walked along the beach with bare feet. Feel so comfy with wind blows, we walked from Sunset Bistro to Hard Rock hotel, which located at the other end. Too bad the sky is getting dark, hopes to stay longer at the beach. We "sneaked in" to the hotel with legs full of sands. Cleaned our feet and took some pictures in the hotel, alot of unique thingy for captures.
Cute little bear statue
Love the portraits
Like the wordings on the wall
"Welcome back my friends, the show that never ends."- ELP
Michael Jackson's statue
The guitar

Walked back to the car park and headed down to the town area for "tong sui". It's a street full with stalls by the road side.
四果汤/Four Nuts Tong Sui ♥
Freshly grounded Almond Tong Sui *your fav, but my dislikes*

Day 2:
Headed to Penang Road for brunch. What we had?
Red Bean Ice Kacang&Cendol, yummy!
Laksa *and Char Koay Teow, but i forget to shoot it*

Next, window shop at Prangin Mall & Gurney Plaza. A real window shop without buying anything. Had our meal at Nando's when we started to feel the hunger.
1/4 Hot Peri Chicken with 2 sidelines.* did not shoot mine*

Had movie "Kidnappers(绑匪)". Not bad thou, then continue with some window shops, grabbed a Oreo McFlurry with extra top ups of Oreos!! *Thanks alot* headed for early dinner at Gurney Drive.
Tadaa! My favorite
With extra Oreos!!!
My fav Fried Oyster with beaten eggs/"Ou Jien"
Special Rojak of PG, topped with 炸油条
Char Koay Teow again, but I like it! This brings some spice.

Was so tired and headed back home for rest. Played with Nic-> a male poodle. Miss him so much, glad that he still remember me as he did not bark at me. So adorable and keep pampering him.
Nic, will always miss you!

Had Chrysanthemum tea by the road side before departing back to Ipoh. Had eaten lotsa heaty food in two days. Overall, enjoyed my short trip and thanks for everything.

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