Friday, May 21, 2010


Yes, I am S A D. I believe in FATE because what is fated to be, it will be the way it shall be.
Waiting patiently can bring something good but at the same time, it can turn out to be a bad one too.
Felt tired at times but still, continue with the hopes. Wait, hopes? Is that a reliable one? Worth taking ones? I doubt....
I guess, I knew the result. Obviously, it is a bad one but I take it with an open heart. Had always prepared it will turn out to be a bad one, and somehow, it happened.
No doubt, tears roll down on cheeks, eyes became reddish. Tried to comfort myself, it is not a big deal. Nothing to fear of, it is just a small disappointment. Everyone has to go through that in their life, look forward for a better ones in life. I knew it is hard, but still have to get over it.
Yes, I need care, I need a shoulder to lean on, I need someone to talk to, someone who can understand how I feel.

p.s: Had a nice day with CY & Alex. And now worrying parents come home to kill me, i lost something important..

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