Saturday, May 15, 2010

Short Trip Back to PJ

Hi peeps! Sorry for the late update, was away to PJ for 2D1N. Need to settle off something, but still I'll spend some time to do some updates here.

Well, followed dad's car yesterday down to PJ. Stayed over night at bro's hostel, kinda exciting as I am like a bad outsiders sneaking in and out from his Villa. *grin*

Had dinner at Pepper Lunch with bro and Vonn at Sunway Pyramid. It is actually very dangerous to walk alone from his Indah Villa to Sunway Pyramid, no matter during day or night time as the area is full with foreigners(as in workers & students). Just had a simple meal and went home without shopping. Everyone was tired and those meet up/yum char session I expected is canceled I think? No one mentioning it or keeping in touch to make it happen.

It will be a boring night and sadly I do not have my own transport to join those who is having a chill out night. Out of sudden, received a call and they are on the way to Sunway to pick me up! Oh gosh, am not prepared at all! Jump into a T-shirt and short pants and without make up. *Zoooom* They are here at bro's hostel and it was raining, lucky those guards allowed them drive in to pick me up. *but actually the guards look at what type of car is that*

We headed to G6(The Gardens), just take a look if there is any availability for us to have a seat since Alex never been there before. Or else, we will just go for a simple yum char session, *pssstt..never expect to club*. It is kinda disappointing as yesterday night's crowd were more to our parent's age people and hardly saw any pretties according to my buddies. First time for him to go there and disappointed him, so sad huh. But somehow it disappointed me as well, compared to the my last few visits to G6. *G6=Gpar Six, quoted by Alex*

Since it is too packed and no seats available, probably we are late as we reached there around 1130pm. After some thoughts, Lai decided to change to The Opera as Alex never been there. It was my second visit to this new club in the PJ area, packed as well. But this club have cover charge, no doubt we made the payment before entering. Ordered 2 vodka and 1 Heineken. *celaka Alex can't drink the vodka after first sip, end up I drank it!*
Walked around looking for a table but hardly get one. To my surprise, I pop into Jenny! Never thought of meeting her in a club, it's been a while since our last meeting. At last, we got our table and enjoyed the night following the rhythm. Click here to know more about The Opera.
Anyway, had a fun night with Lai and Alex, thanks for the ride and drinks.Drank 2 glasses of neat Vodka with lime. *Ewww!* Feeling not so comfortable with the spot lights inside the theater, end up having headache until this morning.

Had brunch at 130pm @ Sunway Pyramid again, having Ajisen Ramen instead. Shopped an hour and I manage to get two books from MPH. Unfortunately , "Pick Me Up by Zoe Rice" is running out of stock through out the MPH book stores in Malaysia. Bought "P.S. I LOVE YOU by Cecilia Ahern" & "Tuesday with Morrie by Mitch Albom".
Leaved PJ at 530pm and reached Ipoh at 7pm. A tiring one but hopes to do something to boost up my night instead. Too bad I only stayed one night in PJ, or else I can join tonight's outing with you guys.

p.s: Hope to join u guys at Phuture..~sobx~ & I hope to attend to the "12 Hours with Chivalry"@Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, featuring Pitbull, Benny Benassi. Lisa Lashes, Xu, & Blink!! *sad to stay at home on a fun-filled Saturday night*

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