Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Sweet Valentines Night

It is a boring lonely night at home looking at my lappy, but I turned it out to be a sweet one. Guess what? I downloaded "Valentines Day" movie!! Woohoo!! I knew it is kinda "late" for me to watch it now and yeah, i missed it at the cinema, so here I go watch from my lappy. Love this movie so much because most of the casts were my fave actor/actress! *Especially Anne Hathaway*
Tadaa! The movie->Valentines Day
Directed by Garry Marshall

Anne Hathaway, one of my fave artist. Isn't she look gorgeous?

Although it is a lonely night, but I have this great movie accompanied me along with my chockies! Yummy!! *having menstrual pain, guess small bites of chocs won't gain too much fat huh*
Well, the story line starts from a very sweet day and hits the conflicts and wrapped up in a sweet ending. Here is the synopsis of the movie:

Synopsis: February 14th, Valentines Day, is not a national holiday, but it is one of those days that must be celebrated. There are "special someones" in your life who expect to receive romantic gifts from their lovers. Commercialism has put a tremendous amount of pressure on men to give their lovers a romantic day with all the trimmings. Women are under pressure to have a man, or they feel desperate and unloved. Valentines Day follows the lives of several couples during this day. Their stories are told through the interconnections they have with each other. Some will find romance in their relationship, and others will feel the heartbreak of ending a relationship. In this Russian roulette world of finding love, everyone in the film is asking for advice on how to find and keep true love. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)

Reed(the florist and ex to this lady) sending flowers to Julia(a teacher) on behalf of his boyfriend(Harrison, a married guy a.k.a jerk).
Roses from overseas are so beautiful than the local one, aren't they? In fact, it makes me fall in love with red roses *personally dislike flowers*

Julia(Starring Jennifer Garner) hitting the heart shape thingy whole heartedly after find out Harrison was a married man. By the way, this is a "I Hate Valentines Day" party throw out by her bestie Kara(Starring Jessica Biel).

Guys, if u are a romance comedy lover, you should watch this. This is awesome, fantastic!! Love it so much that I am gonna watch it again!! This movie somehow made up my night from a moody one to a happy one.

p.s: I love "Valentines Day" and all the casts!!

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