Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day @ Micheangelos Pizzeria

It's 9th May 2010 (Sunday), what so special about a Sunday? It's Mother's Day!! Everyone is celebrating and giving their lovely Mami a good treat on this special day. But of course, it is Mami Day everyday if she stays happy everyday. Hahaz...

Anyway, let's talk about where I celebrated this lovely day. Mami went back to Taiping yesterday(her parents home=my grands). She only came back home this afternoon. I just keep silence and do my own things. Only when about dinner time, I told her let's go for dinner together. *Dad went to PG for meetings, so only left both of us*

7pm, drove Mami to Micheangelos Pizzeria, since I had try this restaurant before and taste good. So, I brought her there and guess what...LONG QUEUE!! But it's ok, have to always be patient for good stuff. Waited for about 10mins to get a seat. Thanks to the friendly Boss, Michael for being so kind to his customers, walking in and out from the restaurant just to confirm to his customers need to wait for how long before their turn. He is indeed a great boss to the staffs and customers, being so patient! *salute*
Despite being busy running in and out, Michael has the patience and providing a good service. Bravo! *and he always put a SMILE on himself!*

Well, the restaurant is totally packed! Probably it is a Sunday and Mother's Day as well. Ordered half THE HOG and another half MIKI MIKI HAWAIIAN. Dessert-> Lemon CheeseCustard! If you read my previous post, I did mentioned about this dessert. One word to describe it->Great!
A Night at Micheangelo's
Look! It is packed with lotsa diners!!
Some captures on the wall..cutie chef!
Another Classic shot from the wall!
Tadaa! Our pizza! Yummy!!
They uses premium tomato puree!!
My Fave!! Lemon Cheese Custard! RM7.50. *worth paying*

Was so satisfied with the dinner, and guess what? Mom and I manage to finish the whole pizza! Unbelievable!!! And thanks Michael for the dessert, it is way too nice. Will probably order another cup of it if I am not full with pizzas!

Oh ya, I celebrated with my Granny treating her a lunch at Kim Bali on this day, since all the children are not here with her. Treated both elderly a simple meal.
A simple lunch for popo@Kim Bali..Happy Mother's Day!

Tadaa, below is the Triple Deck Choc Cheesecake from The Coffee Bean. It's my dinner on a lonely, exhausted Saturday night, nomming on it along with movie.

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