Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Wishing List

Hey peeps, am back after away for few days. Did some research lately on books and cameras. Yup! Am gonna put them on my wishing list, hope to get one some day.
I am starting to invest on books to brush up my English and gain more knowledge. My English level has dropped so badly, due to lack of readings. After reading some friends blog, guess I have to catch up with the trend and culture...gonna be a bookworm...*grin*

Below are two books I wish to get from the book store :

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes by Jennifer Crusie, Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart.

Synopsis from the back cover:
When she was sixteen, Dee Fortune kidnapped her two younger sisters and ran from danger. Now twenty-nine, she's still trying to control her shape-shifting power—no easy task when Danny James shows up one Friday morning with his deadly smile and dangerous questions about the past.

Lizzie is determined to save her family from financial ruin by turning straw into gold; now, if she could only stop turning forks into bunnies. Then Elric, a sorcerer, appears one Friday—annoyed with the chaos Lizzie is creating in the universe and his heart...

The youngest Miss Fortune, Mare, towers above her sisters but her telekinetic power is dwarfed by their gifts. She spends her days at Value Video!! and her nights contemplating the futility of her existence. But then a gorgeous Value Video!! VP and Mare's long-lost love turn up...and they all turn up the heat on a weekend that no Fortune will soon forget!

Pick Me Up by Zoe Rice
Synopsis from the back cover: Gallery director Izzy Duncan has lost her faith in men. But then she meets two gorgeous guys in one week; dangerously delicious art dealer Avery, and infuriatingly moody and mysterious artist Grady. Suddenly she finds herself willing to take a risk—but which one of them should she trust?

*Books showed above were inspired by Alice's blog. Love to read her blog to look for more interesting books. ♥

Next, here goes to the cameras. I am struggling in between Lomo Camera and DSLR. Which should I take? Perhaps should do more research on it before set up my mind on which should i buy. Anyway, here are some short listed Lomo cameras I would like to get them some day, but limited budget only allows me to get ONE. Which is better?

1. Holga 120 Pinhole
2. Holga 135 Pinhole
3. Diana Mini
4. Diana F+
5. Lomo LC-A +
Find out more about the cams from the link attached!

Love Lomography >.<

p.s: Thx to Son Son a.k.a Nic for cheering Mummy up!! Thx to Rz and Wang Wang with heartfelt gratitude in cheering me up too!! Appreciate the advice as well...
Cutie Wang Wang!!

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