Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Day? Bad Day?

What a day...picking up phone calls non stop! Am on a bad mood day plus an uncle called up and talk bullshits to me for 15mins!!

After work, shopped with Alice at 1U but only manage to get a clutch and a ring fr Miss Selfridge. Had our dinner at Vietnamese Kitchen, foods are not bad thou. Tq Alice for the accompanies.

Met my long-lost primary classmate aka bestie Moo Yan Yee. She is now a model and local artist. Won alot of Miss blah blah blah as she is pretty and tall enough, meeting the requirement to be a model. Having own event company and positioned at Project Manager. Boy friend is a model and artist too!!! She is same age as me but owning a Event Company!!! So envy her....she gave me her business name card, but I don't have any when she asked. What a shame, I am still a student and she is already busy shooting for dramas. Glad to meet her back in KL. ^.^

Well, it's already Thursday coming to Friday. Meaning weekend is coming, yeah...another weekend.
All dates pile up on the same day..sighed! Go Bangsar shop with Alice dear?Working half day?Go Genting with Adam?Or club with my uni mates? Why God always unfair to me, i want to meet up all the dates but I can only choose one. *xoxo*

I think the last decision will be ending up at Maison because promise is a promise.
No chance go Genting with Adam, can't go Bangsar Village with Alice. ~Sad~
I want go Genting for the chilling weather!!! With my favorite Hot Caramel Macchiato!!!
I want to go Bangsar Village for my dresses and heels!!!

p.s: Pls...I don't hope my dates piled up on the same day again and again.

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