Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Lately, I learnt a new phrase from a HK Drama "My Better Half"->中庸之道.
This word really helps me alot, awaking me from day dream which will not come true.

Things happened eventually became a factuality where you and me have to accept it, but certain things happens in the sense where you and me take it and leave it. Showing as if it is a "Hi-Bye" way for each of us.

Things happened will be a past one leaving behind, although not willing to forget and let it go but one's have to do so to avoid letting one down again. So, one must know how to deal matters equally.

When u need someone or wants something to become yours, it will not be. Same goes to another way round. I knew what I want will never come true. But it is more than enough even in this short period. Am happy and glad with it. Short period, a little memory...it is more than enough. This is life, never demand too much but knows the limit and equality. We can't ask for more on everything, take it, happy with it and here you go...satisfied with what you having now. *Heart you* -> This Is Life .

Better still, adopt a policy "Take it & Leave it". Equal for both parties and happy ending for everyone. I like it!! Equality leads the game...

Felt sorry for letting some of you down but I wish to stay single and enjoy my current life.
Felt happy at the same time, because there are still admirers showing there is still attractions on me..*so lame*
To sum up, it is not the right time and not the right man yet. *Where is my Mr.Right huh?* LOL

Realised that F R I E N D S play an important role especially you are on your own leaving the family behind. Hereby, I would like to thanks all my friends who take care me alot during my stay in PJ. Thx alot...much appreciated..:-) Stay equal with friends as well.

Counting down to the end of my internship in 9 more days and time to wave good bye to my buddies in KL. Will miss you guys alot.

p.s: Off to Slumber-land.

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