Monday, April 5, 2010

Back in KL

Well, back to KL yesterday night. Took us 2.5hrs to reach KL just because the traffic flows slowing down with no reason. Damn headache with that. Depart at 830pm, reached at 11pm..LMAO!

Was so tired but only then realized I have not send out my bi-weekly report to my respected supervisor. After send out the report, straight away hit the sack as I have to work the next day. Figuring out how am I going to work because friend is on leave. Blahhh....Zzz soundly first.

It is another Monday B L U E...3 colleagues were on leave today, causing the office more into peace. It is so quiet in the office except phone calls ringing, hard to pass through that. But still, I get through my day.

p.s: My sista, hope u take care yourself and let the things be which is out of our control.

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