Saturday, April 10, 2010

Untitled April 2010

Mom : Girl, please do not get involve anymore, take the previous one as a good lesson.
Girl : Mom, I will never get involve anymore. It is more than enough.

But, Girl is unable to control her heart and mind from thinking. 越看越伤心,为什么“心”会疼呢?
Anyway, Girl believe in GOD and FATE. Things which is fated not to be yours, it will not belong to you no matter how. The Mom always hoping the daughter excel well in life in terms of studies and career. While lovey dovey matters just leave it to GOD. It will comes when the timing is right.

Friends are asking Girl why she is so moody and sad lately, Girl have no idea how to response to them. Had been in bad mood and hot temper lately, not because of menstrual period pain but heart ache.

Girl is now needing her friends the most, hoping they can be with her cheering her up.
Girl needs Mommy's hug so badly, missing her grandparents so much.
Hoping there is a shoulder to lean on and a pair of ears to share and listen some thoughts.

Mentally and physically are tired but hard to fall asleep. Why this happen at this moment?
Bad things happened, so unfortunate Girl has to pass up the final report earlier than the due date. Will she able to finish on time? *doubting*

p.s : I NEED YOU

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