Sunday, April 11, 2010

10 April 2010

It's Saturday!! Yeah..another weekend for chill outs and rest at home. But I am working on this Saturday, my last Saturday of working too coz gonna end my intern next Friday. Doesn't feel any excited either, because I will be leaving this city soon?

Anyway, tonight is the night I promised my babe will be joining to the clubs. Long time didn't club with such big gang of people already. Met utarians which i miss them so much, long time didn't back Kampar. Met up with Saki & Charmainsim. Miss them so much!!! Of course, my dearie Ms.Kang, at last met her up.

Drink drank..but not Drunk? Not enough liquor perhaps..thought of getting a jug of Long Island..miss it so much..!!
Dance till sweat off everything, hopefully helps to release all my anger and frust. Sadly, it doesn't seem helping any.

Surprisingly, Mr.Vahn breaks the drunk and dance awesomely...Bravo!! But you stepped me countless time!!! Hmph!
Got a big bruises on my leg, consequences of club!
My feet got swollen as a result of wearing heels...=.=!
Venue: Maison, KL.
Babes: Emilie, Saki, Charmainsm, Elaine, Jiv's GF.
Dudes: MH, Vahn, Ben, Rajiv, Felix, Leroy, Harrick and others....

Ambience: 5/10
Atmosphere: 5/10
Songs: 6/10

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