Wednesday, April 14, 2010

13th April 2010

Monday > Tuesday....La la la~ Slacking whole day at the office doing nothing because bosses are out for meetings. Lunch time, another boss brought us out for lunch at Pudu street, a famous fish head dishes. Not bad thou...

Well, my day passes like nothing. Moody but telling myself must cheer up. Being emotional mood just way too tiring, both mentally and physically.

Night time, eating alone but never mind, drama accompanied me. Got myself prepared to start the final report as I have to pass up four days earlier than anyone else. Sounds unfair huh? Indeed, it is unfair but we got no choice. Just blame the FATE.

Surprisingly, Henry Yong pop up in FB chat and we got a short talk. Who is this guy? He is a handsome and smart-look guy, based from FB pichas...
But after a long chat over the msn, he is such a passionate guy, hard-sell employee, talkative and energetic adult and friendly too! Never knew we have the same topics and able to hit the peak.
Glad we have the same thought in some ways, had a very nice chat and sharings with this talkative guy. Cute, this word came into my mind when you said: "Hard sell myself pulak.." *Laugh*

Once again, am glad that a friend praised me, and thanks for the respects. We have alot more to learn and space of improvement to improve ourself. There are more to catch up with. Hope can meet Mr.H in person and continue to have a great chat. Looking forward to know more about everyone's achievement in live.

Nite peeps!!

p.s : Counting 3 more days...

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