Thursday, April 15, 2010

Date with Mimi-san

Tweet tweet!! Kevin said I seldom tweet lately, so I do my tweets back. Unfortunately, Facebook and Twitter having wars? How come I can't direct update my status through Twitter?

Anyway, manage to get some parts of my final report done in the office today, since I got nothing to do other than online. But, there are more to continue tomorrow.
Coughing non-stop whole day in the office, throat is so dry and itchy. Raeven sitting beside me afraid of H1N1, asked me to wear mask but I don't like it. Hahaz...continue coughing non-stop...

Night time, get to meet my dear Mimi to watch movie and dinner with her. I am so worry she can't make it to join me tonight. But she manage to meet me up!! Wow, felt so delighted!! Had been months we didn't meet each other since CNY. She was so busy with her internship while I am so free with mine. *Speechless*

We had a simple dinner at Sushi Zanmai@The Gardens, along with Chee Wai too! Lotsa people and we queued for about 20mins, still, it is better than the long queue at Sushi King.
Mimi joined us at 820pm, kinda rush but manage to get some food to fill the hunger. Movie was at 9pm, but we manage to catch up with the movie 5min later after the movie starts.

The movie "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" was produce by local artist, Ah Niu. Casters were local singers and artist too. Overall, the movie was funny and a great one. Totally revealed the old days we used to be, like during our secondary schooling life and village life. The movie makes me remind of my grandparents in Ipoh as the old wooden house and furniture makes me recall alot of my childhood days.
Like this movie so much as it reflects the typical Malaysian living style especially in the 90's. It was funny too! Indeed, a great comedy...*claps claps* for the movie's producers, casters and workers.

The 1hr44mins movie is finished and we make a move. So miss Mimi-san alt we just spend a little short while chit-chatting. Still lots to catch up with. Looking forward for my next date with the babes....

p.s: Counting 2 more days...

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