Thursday, April 15, 2010

Terrible Sick Day

It's Thursday, counting one more day to the end of my internship. Unfortunately, I fall sick again. A terrible one, with fever, sore throat till speechless, flu and headache.
Woke up 730am wondering should I go to work, at last decided not to.

Sleep back till 12pm, woke up and online but keep sweating off. Hardly stand the coughs, feel like vomiting but luckily did not. Never take any meals but took a panadol with empty stomach because too suffering already.

Later on, msn with Mr.Roy who is having off day today. But I am not, and so badly...I have to take "leave" (MC). Your words are so mean...hahaz!!

Deal, since I am taking MC today, so can accompany you go walk around. Went to Sunway Pyramid and go for movie "How To Train Your Dragon", quite funny and cute movie.
Night Fury=Toothless, a funny name!!
Keep flu-ing inside, never though TGV is so cold. Thank you for being so gentleman lend me your jacket. Haha....So worry I cough till no sound and hard to talk to you.
After the movie, start feeling hungry and looking around deciding what to eat. It is my first meal of the day at 630pm, having Vietnamese Cuisine@O'viet. Had Lemongrass Ginger Tea and Beef Noodles,plus a salad. Sorry can't finish the meal as I start to feel the gastric attacks after taking half of the food. Thank you for buying me the gastric pills, feeling so suffer with the severe gastric. First time feel so pain until wanna roll on the floor.

After meal, continue with shopping walking around only then feel much better. End up I did not buy anything, spotted a nice flower top but don't have the size I want. Walk around looking for eye care products but damn expensive!! Should I buy one too?

Thank you very much for the ride and meal. So sorry needing you to spend that much..:P
Had a great time!

p.s: Sick at the wrong time!!! I want farewells!!!

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