Saturday, April 17, 2010

The End

Finally, the day has come. It's the last day of internship!! Woohoo!!! Took alot of pictures today and get alot of free treats today. Thx to my dept manager, Ms.Sim for the lunch treat, canteen aunty for the free high tea, farewell steambot at YUEN Sunway, etc...

Before leaving, went to HR dept to thank all the staff for this 3 months help and care. Slack around till 6pm only leave for our farewell dinner at YUEN Steambot. Always looking forward to this as I heard alot of good comments on it especially the chicken wings. Indeed, it is a nice one..people will grab it once the chic wings served.

Can't eat much coz gastric. And yeah....I got gastric again after eaten a little bit of food. Sigh!
After meal, they all wanted to go for a walk at Sunway Pyramid while waiting the time pass until they can go REDBOX sing K. But I am not joining coz sore throat, no point going inside wasting money.
When I wanted to take cab back home, lucky Wyatt called me up saying his car was at Sunway Resort Hotel. He asked me to drive his car so that I will not be so rush to meet them up later at THE CURVE for drinks. Collected the car and looking around for EXIT but can't find a way out. *Bro, parking at Sunway Hotel so damn expensive lar!* Wasted 10mins only manage to go out!! LMAO...

Damn it!! Caught jam infront of Sunway again, but manage to get home at 1030pm. Flung my things on bed and went for bath. Preparing to go to "The Laundry" to meet up the guys for a chill out night. After got myself prepared, head to THE CURVE, lucky it is not too jam. Reached at 1130pm, parked at somewhere near the escalator. But who knows, those entry side were closed! Shit!!! I have to walk so far to get an escalator go up to "The Laundry".

Reached there and saw the same gang with few new looks. Straight away sit down and here it goes again->BLACKJACK. Actually am still feeling unwell with cough and flu plus gastric but just join them for fun. Play and lose and drink, this is the rules. Drink not even a bottle of Heineken, start feeling uneasy, gastric attacks! Took a pill and Miyoko helped me to finish my bottle, thx dear! Most of them need to work tomorrow and we make an early move.

Although is a simple yet short western tea session, great to gather with them.
Gang of the night: Sky, Wyatt, Miyoko, Rachel, Ken & Felix.

p.s: Cough is getting serious!!

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