Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Last Weekends

Late update post for 17th April 2010 (Saturday)

Well, it all started off with a lazy Saturday, wake up kinda early starting to pack my stuff as will heading back to Ipoh soon on Monday. Too many things to pack till I have no idea to start it off.

Online for the day and slack around, nap during late noon plus heavy rain. It's just so nice to nap..until 730pm wake up only realised it is already late.
Mshy suddenly asked us to join her dinner, and here we go, off to 1U. Had late dinner at BBQ Plaza and look for movies, but no more tickets...~sad~
Doesn't feel like going back home, so we go for our next round, Starbucks@ SS2 coz more sofas' over there. It is drizzling out there, cooling night....
Green Tea Latte

Mocha & Green Tea Blended

Grab a cup of Green Tea Latte and sit there chit chat till 1am only back home. But sleep at 630am as a result of insomnia. Sigh!

18th April 2010 (Sunday)

Get all my stuff packed and prepare to go out meet up with parents. Tonight will be staying overnight at Cititel. Need to accompany mom shop for her dinner dress.
Had my brunch at 12pm at Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant@The Gardens. At last i get to eat at this restaurant, usually it is just too long queue.
Taiwan Beef Noodle
Rose+Oolong Tea

Check-in at 2pm then head to Bangsar Village. Mom bought her dress and i can wear it too!! Guess what..RM8xx per piece only!!! Gosh...no choice, Dad is the coming DG for fiscal year 2010-2011. There are just too many dinners to attend.

Saw Delicious@Bangsar Village, can't resist and brought Mom into there have a simple high tea. Wanted to order English High Tea for 2 person but didn't, regret!! Fine, order others....Pichas do the talkings..

Chocolate Banana

Carbonara Spaghetti with Bacons♥

Earl Grey♥ the most!!! *Nvr miss it!*

Took cab back to hotel and rest. Continue haunting for dresses at Mid Valley, my feet is so so tired and am coughing non-stop, kinda suffer!! No internet for whole day, keep iPhone-ing only, ~suffer~!

After done with shopping, had a real late dinner. So we go for Dragon-i,since mom never try before, ordered some light dishes.
Signature Dish-小笼包


No internet, lucky still have some dramas in my Lappy, open up "Down with Love" for Mommy, don't und why she can laugh so happily after repeating watching it for so many times. Not even fully understand Mandarin. ~=.=!!~

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