Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well Done!

Woohoo!! At last can rest myself and update my bloggy!! Well, let's have some short updates about me ever since I am back to Ipoh.

I am back to my hometown>Ipoh since Monday. But busy rushing my final report when my supervisor suddenly wants us to pass up 4 days earlier. Sigh! Busy on grandparents stuff and own work loads until never finish unpack my stuff.

Phew! Felt released after done my report. Thanks to RoyC for helping me in the report, whole night keep theory-ing. Without your help, I might be still stucking somewhere else. Sorry for sacrificing your sleep as well..hehe!

I only manage to clean up my room and unpack stuff today plus do some house chores. Guess I'll be having good night sleep tonight as tomorrow will be another "driver" day to the hospital. Will be heading back to Kampar noon time to pass up my final report before 530pm. Uhm, will be staying overnight at Kampar as well to catch up with my gangs^.^

Swallon eyes, real dark eye circle, puffy eyes, dry eyes....all about my skin and eyes...damn dull looking skin!!! Tonight gonna pamper myself with mask!! I want my great looking skin back !!! Pimples...shooo shooo shooo.....!!

p.s: Still coughing non-stop...Grrr!

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