Saturday, April 24, 2010

Untitled Saturday

Woke up at 1030am...prepared and head to Jusco for a window shop alone...Yeah, ALONE...wanted to have a privacy moment all alone. It's been awhile since the last time I shop crazily all by my own. Feeling great being ALONE with no interruptions.
My Collectibles of the day..Body Scrub+Serum

Although feeling GG, coz last night slept at 4am lecturing my two little brother. Although sacrificing my sleeping time, but I feel better to be by their side when they need someone to comfort and give them advice.

Future vs. love thingy, both are to be considered thoroughly during their age to make a wiser decision. Never afraid of making mistakes, but feeling great to learn from mistakes.
Bros, I hope u guys get something from my advice and hope it helps. Do not complicated up your mind but follow what your heart tells you instead. Cherish every single moment in your life. Life is short, there are ups and downs which human have to go through it. Never afraid of falling down, but stand up bravely face the problem with courage. Sis are here to support you.
If you are reading this, and yes, am writing this about you...keep it up for a better life!

Well, after shopped, dropped by office meet up with mom accompanied her to Jaszmon for a hair cut. Waited damn long until her turn and I am coughing non-stop seriously, might afraid people in the salon thought am transmitting viruses. Only then after her hair cut, had my "brekky" at 3pm!!! Gastric jor usual...=.=!!

p.s: What to do for my weekend?

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