Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday Nite @ McD

Last night, went to McD join in my sista(s) coz does not feel like sitting at home alone. Parents went to Taiping for dinner leaving me at home alone again. Got no dates and no where to go, so I just join them, accompany them study. As Kampar black out causing the students hardly concentrate on studies, McD in Ipoh are all full house.

Upon reaching Bdr Baru Medan's McD, meet up with the girls. But once step into the fast food restaurant, someone called me "Elaine Hah"! I was like, huh? That sounds familiar and why got people calling my full name?
Turn my head to the left and saw Saki, Benny, Char and MH! They were in that branch of McD too! Just go over and say "Hi". Whole McD full with UTAR students and books, all brushing up for the finals.

Meet up with the babes and they take their meal before start their studies. I am wondering what to eat, had no idea at all and tag along Chin Lee to Starbucks grab some coffees. End up, in two nights, I drank twice Hot Caramel Macchiato. *I really don't know cough can't take caffeine*

Back to McD is already 930pm, had no choice therefore grab a Fillet-O-Fish. The babes do their studies while I do my research and FB. What a Saturday night, bring "happiness" to the girls. Just to release their stress, so am okay with that lar!!! You girls laugh till "see eye didn't see teeth" LOLs

Slacking at McD, charging the guy's mp3, and I realised McD does not have enough electrical plug in, WTF!! Battery gonna flat soon, until it flats, no longer online..Saki came over and we had a nice chat. Pity her having headache and gonna study. Must take care oh!!

ps: All the best to Utarians in the finals!! *Stress Brings Pleasure*

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