Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Those days....

It's been 6 months since the day we decided on it. Time flies, a lot of changes made, a lot of unexpected things happened and a lot of tears and joy.

Wonder how are you doing?

Well, here goes a short brief on what happens in my life during this period of time especially my internship back in PJ.

Oct-Dec 2009, the hardest period I have to get myself over it, with exams and love thingy as well as family pressure. But I get the most supports and helps from friends and family. Sincerely thank you guys again for cheering me up and helping me in anyway.

Jan-April 2010, another tough time to go for the 3.5 months internship in PJ. But, thanks to all my friends for taking care of me during my short stay in PJ. Frankly, I gained a lot of different experience and knowledge from you guys. Thanks so much for sharing with me everything. Although end up I did not learn anything from the company but I learn from friends. Even feeling tired of socializing, but am happy and grateful to know more friends.

No doubt, during this short period of time, I did a lot of stupid things which myself can't get over it. But anyhow, those happened just let it be the past and cherish current moment. Appreciate every single moment in life and feel happy for it.

My words of life ®:
Life is short, go ahead with anything you want to achieve in life with no doubts.
There is limitations in life but no restrictions.
Simple makes perfect.
Grab hold on it, do it with an open heart....stay calm and relax. TRUST ME, it helps!

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