Friday, April 30, 2010

A Tiring Thursday

*A late update post.

Well, it all started off with a wakey at 730am!! No choice, Mami was yelling at me already, forced to wake up and accompanied her for brekky. Next, joined my sista for Dim Sum session at Foh expensive yet taste doesn't seem any better dim sum in town. The so-called famous dim sum in town has become less delicious than previous due to too much of changes in the mood...modernized and with different kinds of weird creations....Yikes!

Done with brekky, accompanied sista for a shop at Jusco. Wonder what so great about Jusco, spent 5hrs there?LMAO...
Back home was already 4 something late noon, was damn tiring and sleepy...nap on the sofa unexpectedly....until mom back home from work, jump down from sofa and do the house chores. Sigh!! Am going GG....* two days with 3hrs sleep only!*

Dropped mom at the bus station as she is going to join Dad's convention and functions at SG Convention Center. Congrats to Daddy for being selected as the Lions Club 308-B2 DistrictGovernor for fiscal year 2010-2011. Mommy gonna faint to be the spouse coz keep on buying evening gowns and dresses...going to broke soon....

Next, yum char session at Oldtown Kopitiam Ipoh Garden East with funny Alex, Sam, Mimi and Suzanne. Indeed, a farnee night with all lame jokes and IQ question...

And yeah...gonna be free for this couple of days but at the same time tiring as well. Alot things need to be handle and represent parents for dinner ...etc.
Oh gosh...I need REST!! Need spa and massage to rejuvenate myself...*suffering from backache again*

p.s: I want to watch ORANG BESI & ORANG DAUN...*quoted by Mr.Leroy*^.^

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