Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday lu!!

Ahem, start newspaper cutting every morning, but very quick finish the task coz there are 3 of us doing it. Then helped Mr.Yeam on selecting articles he wants from different month's paper..
Then go for it comes my boring time again and again...stupid phone sot again, can't send out messages..make me piss off!! So bad home got pc but line bad until can't load anything, at office no pc for me to use. And at the same time, my phone treat me like this...argh!!
Thx Tommy for the Cadbury choc ya! Did helps a little la...not bad thou..
Need a new phone so badly!!! Hardly online since yesterday night until this morning...what kind of line is that...wondering tonite's line still this bad? Then i gotta consider taking a matters again!! Shit!

Coming Saturday will be my off day..and i gotta split myself into 3 pieces..Saki dear is coming to KL for day trip, Emilie dear also coming to KL...who should i meet with leh? Argh...
Saturday night will be going to Sky Bar! last someone hold his promise..woohoo!!!
Saturday schedule is full..*delighted*
Sunday dad will be coming to KL..and i gotta collect stuff from dad...

Spending everyday for food will only cause me into bankruptcy..gotta sort it out...*cash flow issue*


Just done my press release for 《MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼2009》 . The article will be release on coming Saturday 16th Jan 2010 Nan Yang Siang Pau. It's a 换票活动, if u guys are interested on it, come over to Nan Yang HQ at PJ for entrance ticket FREE!! on18th Jan 2010 at 10am. It's very easy, 您只需剪下任何2张南洋商报封面报头即可换取2张入场劵!
Singers from HK, TAIWAN & MALAYSIA will be attending to this auspicious event. My FM DJ 林德荣和
尹汇氛 will be the emcee for this ceremony.
So what are you waiting for?? Grab a ticket and meet your fav celebrities at Genting on 23rd Jan 2010!!

ps: S I C K stop bothering me...4th day d...~suffer~

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