Monday, January 11, 2010

First Day Internship

Well, woke up at 630am!! Thx Lou Dou wake me up ya!! hehe....
Cannot be lazy sleep back alr..get myself prepared then walked out to Meei Shy's condo.. 10mins walk. Another 8-10mins drive to Nan Yang. About 20 of us gathered at lobby, waiting 830am to enter HR Dept..who knows HR dept staff asked us why reach so! someone did not tell us the exact time which is 10am !! Causing everyone wake up damn early and come to office damn early!!!

I was assigned to Business Development Dept together with Raeven and Meei Shy. Philip is our supervisor and there are 3 heads at our dept! One of them work for Tun Dr.Mahathir as News Secretary smore for two years!! Had a short tour around the company...and brief fr Philip..told us alots...

This dept mainly runs event and functions...contacts and liaise with production hse, agencies as well as other depts. Sit at office whole day do nothing, no pc for my table...used my friend one awhile..then help them fax and do super simple stuff..act not ask me do also, i m just lending a hand to them..sigh! wondering how am i going to write today's report....shit!

Damn cold inside the office and starving smore, once reach condo, had dinner only go up. Whole day so moody....maybe tired or what, with that heels..making my feet pain and sour...
Am feeling dizzy, like want to sick again...sigh! Sick of it!!!!

*Sickening of S I C K!*

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