Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boring Weekend

It's ma first weekend in KL!
Boring like hell!!
Feeling sick which is so sickening!
sick at the wrong time...
P-ing smore..makes me moodless to do anything

U went bck today
Hope u didn't get lost in KL..XD
Thx for the acc
Do nothing at home and sleep alot
While waiting roomate to come
and i starve fr Morning to 530pm
only to have my first meal
thx to aunt for bringing me homecook food
Suppose it is my lunch!

Woke up 930am
Dad pick me up at 10 for DimSum with aunt and family
Had nice dim sum and it's freaky cheap!
6 person for only rm54!!

It's alr late noon, hungry but don't feel like eating
just grab 2 piece of Ferrero Rondnior
as my meal lorr..
Thx for yr care, giving me choc to ease my pain..*hearts*

Today is just another moody day
feel so tiring and dizzy
hope can get well soon
and tomorrow will be starting my first day of internship!

*Looking for something special*

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