Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 2 - Boring at Home

Woke up in the morning, can't sleep well through out the night, damn aircond can't be switch to 25 celcius..need to maintain it at a cold temperature..whole blanket cover up my head! Aiks, at hometown also never do it like this b4...
Switch on small light to sleep...only found out i am afraid of sleeping alone in this big room. Felt very empty in the room...T.T

Let's see what can i do today...okay..DC again, i am damn pek cek now! So i sit beside the router, alt full bar but stil!! Sitting at the living hall 喂蚊!!
Going to pack my stuff leaving this boring place for 2 days. Color my nails perhaps?
Super duper boring!


Okay, my nail was super ugly after color with the light blue i bought fr Etude House. So, i decided to clear it off..sigh! Naked nails...want something to bright it up!! Look at my toes, boring with the nail arts, wanted to change something refreshing..thinking of getting a pedicure..but im broke!! ~Sad~

Friends are coming to visit me lu...Yay! Less boring...where to bring them makan leh?? I'm thinking of going to Delicious@ Midvalley, heard fr friend's comment not bad especially the Spaghetti Carbonara. But price is slightly higher, but u pay for the quality food and service as well as the environment. Hmm, should i go?

Yay! Going to watch Avatar 3D coming Friday, hopefully can get the tickets. Or else i will cry for it...long time din step my feet into cinema...Let's get some excitement and relaxation before start work on next Monday!

Staying home alone for the whole day makes me miss my friends at hometown alot...miss Saki..let's go shop!! Miss my son " 最紧要你开心"..miss my Sista!! ..Miss my buddy gang!! Miss my doggie...miss mummy... most importantly, MISS MY GRANDPARENTS!!

ps: Miss my family n friends! ~Sobz~

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