Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starts KL life...

Hmm, how should i start blogging for my KL life leh?
Well, 1st night at here, once step into this room, felt so empty...clean it up but dunno where to start unpack. Sigh...
Too many things perhaps..wonder why i bring so many stuff alt js 4mths training...haih! How to shift bck to Ipoh leh....~Lorry~

Too many built-in cabinets, dusty betul..curtains are full with dust too!! Wondering how the previous tenant can stand it...
Well, there is an aircond here but sot sot..need to turn it on to the maximum temp only works. But damn cold...

Took my simple dinner - Cup noodle at 9pm! Cham..T.T...i hate cup noodles!!
Dunno why, felt like crying, so alone here..internet line sucks!! plus phone can't send out messages...darn!!! Making me pissed off!!!
~ I need Cell Phone!!~

Finally can online..and guess what?! Keep DC...super tulan ah!!!!
How to tahan for 4mths!!! Tmr whole day at home..sien nah!!!

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