Friday, January 15, 2010

Fullfilled Day! comes the 4th working day...Thought might be a boring one, but luckily not..hahaz!
10am joined the management meeting on a project 我来自新村嘉年华. Observe more on the project and mins of meeting and agenda by referring to last year's filing.

Then cont with newspaper cutting as what we should do everyday. Now, we get our own newspaper everyday. Free one oh! hahaz...actually is balance one..
Lunch time, Philip invited us along for lunch at SS3, we hopped into his Gen2 and in just 5min, reached SS3. Just a normal typical local kopitiam, as usual, it is lunch hour so it is kinda traffic jam and pack in the restaurant. Had our lunch and chit chatting till 130pm only bck to office..late a little bit lah..hahaz..

Back office cont with task and suddenly Philip asked us whether want Penny Tai concert ticket or not...Aiya, now only ask us...and i had dates with friends this Sat plus dad is coming to find me too! to split out myself...sigh! All comes at the same time...What should i do with the 2 tickets leh?

Upon finish work, Lindy told me tonight she is going to 1U with a friend and ask me along. Hmm, went to 1U and had japanese food for dinner. Haha..saw 8tv popular TV Host 阿润..kinda lancy lor when eating at Nando's.She just so thin... 3 person eat and total damage RM84! Nvm....agong pay one...hahaz! Should just go TGi Friday lah.....haih...=(

Shopped around after meal, until 10pm..shops are all closed and we make a move bck home...Going to 1U fr our place was damn traffic jam! According to Heng, the road will jam until 8pm fr 530pm onwards..sigh! Till Kota Damansara leh!!!
Back was less jam, but takes 10-15mins back home too la..consider near alr..just all the way straight fr our plc then can reach 1U. Soh Poh Lindy bought a RM79 Mircoz fiber for eye lashes..i want to buy but manage to resist myself...can just go THE ROBINSON buy lah....not so worth, so i choose not to buy. But it did attracts me after a try on my lashes..big difference lor!

Reached home alr so tired and my feet is damn sour...need massage badly...hmm, thk of going for a spa...which one gud leh??
Done my report, updates, and editing pichas....will upload soon!! View my FB photo album!

ps: Late nite sleep..tmr can wake up ah? Hope u can morning call me..hehe

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