Friday, January 15, 2010

Boring Friday!

Whole day do nothing at office, wondering how to update my report..just helped clear up store room and deco the office with red thingy for coming CNY.

Lindy went to JB to meet her dear. And i will be alone for this two nites..lonely weekend..
Sky Bar date cancelled bcz you are busy...Penny Tai concert tmr nite...
Boring and tiring is damn damn sien....

Date with Saki dear tmr at 1U...time for ... ~Window Shop~
Beh tahan liao...want to do pedicure! Pedi+Mani cheap??

Well, got 6 free tgv movie tics, 2 free Penny Tai concert tic and few My Astro musical award free
tic...Q: How am i going to sort out all this?

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