Saturday, January 16, 2010


It's Saturday! First weekend ever since i start my work on Monday. Today is off day..but next Sat have to work..T.T...
Went out at noon to meet Saki dear at well as her friends..Charmaine & King Kong.
Damn hungry..had my brunch with them at DELICIOUS...yummy but my wallet..T.T...
That's fine lar... had Beef meatballs and Jasmine Green....aiks, can't upload the pichas coz my HP prob...T.T

Shop shop shop...Saki dear and Charmaine bought some accessories fr FOREVER 21..ahem.."cheap"...XD
Walk walk walk...old wing new wing...i dunno where im walking...kinda complicated with the malls..
Saw Focus Point had ECC again at 1U..this time a huge one..hahaz! Met with Justin and awhile...kinda miss them!

6pm, i asked dad to fetch me since he is coming to my need i take bus bck Kelana since im blur..dunno where to take bus...XD
Back home .. tired sia... do some house chores..and on9 on9 on9...=.=

Tomorrow date Ray & Vonn for movie since im having free TGV tics..Alvin & Chipmunks 2 ... hope there are still available seats..
Tonite stay home alone lerr...found some interesting quotes..luv quotes so much!!
People, look at my msn, skype & FB updates ya!! Look out for meaningful quotations!!

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