Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tiring Sunday

Went Sunway Pyramid today to meet bro n his gf for movie...takes me an hour to go Sunway..darn! hate wait bus...

Anyway, we didn't manage to watch any movie coz timing prob and too long queue, waste time only. So just gave them the free tickets.
Had my brunch at 1pm at Canton Bay, food are just moderate and RM16.80 gone..sigh!

Aunt drop 2 kids with am i going to shop with 2 kids..sigh! Anyway, bro bring them to ToyCity and i shop alone, but dunno why just can't get any clothes but end up take stock for my cosmetic stuff...

Very tiring, have no idea, walk till half way start feel uneasy, want to vomit but can't puke out.

Called Ray and we went to Wendy's for a drink and sit there for 1hr just to wait aunt come and pick the kids. Sigh, spend another hour with them at Sunway, i was feeling so unwell and wanted to go home...

Reached home alr 830pm after dinner at USJ..Im worn off!! Totally dehydrated...=.=

ps: HTC Diamond 2 or iPhone 32GB?

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