Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Thought...

Lately was too tired and skipped yesterday's blog. Reached home and fall for 1hr nap..hahaz...Well, that was yesterday night..

Really need sufficient rest and sleep to rejuvenate myself. Loan has come and i wish my dream come true. To buy a phone for myself as my Valentine gift or should i say a gift to pamper myself. *Grin*

Need to save on and go for my targeted gadgets and stuff. Looking for a relaxation place-SPA. If you have any to recommend, kindly drop by my cbox!^.^
Haven get any clothes for CNY yet, hope to get few piece soon. Philip told us today that we are going to have 1 week off for CNY but need to work on weekends as replacement. ~Sobz~

Thanks dearies for all your cares and advice, i promise will take good care of myself! Clubs are just part of the enjoyments with friends, knowing my limit and will take control of it! No worries ya!!
Kinda miss my sista--> Mimi, QiQi, PekLee, Clee, KY, Emilie, Saki, Angie, Coco, and few to name...Knowing u guys are in week2 and starting to get busy on assignments stuff. Here is just an early wishes to you guys, happy CNY!! Stay pretty and may God Bless that you guys excel in yours academic. Most importantly, stay healthy, eat and sleep well on time!! *as what our mommy, KY said*..Oops..

Blogging from the office coz left only interns here, slacking here so i spend my time on the net and found some interesting quotes. Let's share some of it!

"Love is shown in your deeds, not in your words"
"The busier we are, the more leisure we have"
"That which is not, shall never be; that which is, shall never cease to be. To the wise, these truths are self-evident."
"It is not the errors of others, but our own miscalculations, on which we wreak our lasting vengeance. It is ourselves that we cannot forgive"

L O V E does not exist in reality. It is just a COMPLIMENT from both parties. Give and take..that's what human did?
Appreciate the time being together, treasure the moments we had, shower ourselves with fun and joys. That's what FRIENDS meant when we were together...


~CKW~ said...

nice quotes!!!
i love quotesss too..=]]]
and of course with nic pic..hehe..
cant wait to see u back from intern! =[
miss ya..<3

elaine-mia said...

hahaz...tq dear! hmm, wil be bck to ipoh on 12th feb lor!! bt leaving on 17th ...miss ya!!