Thursday, January 28, 2010

Real working days come...

Phew! What a day...every time also like this, last minute only piles of work to do..sigh! But i enjoy it so much !! Better than slacking there FB non-stop!! haha...
But whole day facing pc FB n MSN...^^

Tonight we went to PJ SS2 for hawker food! It's the famous Hokkien Mee...Thx Lu Heng!!
But before that went 1U, acc Lindy collect her hubby's spec and repair her spec...the service at the optical shop are js damn s***! We were damn hungry and spent 1hr there...standing!=.=!
Fine then, 10pm only have our dinner, starve till gastric alr!

Yoohoo!! Tmr ISETAN member sales!!!! >>KLCC....i want you!!
Cont my work tmr...not yet finish lerr...T.T.....

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