Sunday, January 31, 2010

My weekends

Lately, stop blogging consequently for 3 days coz in busy mode. Let's start it briefly for the days i missed out...

Friday-> Went to KLCC as ISETAN is having member sales. Took LRT go over and i knew that we don't have time to shop but just surveying around. Thx Tommy for dropping me at LRT station! Since it is alr late, had dinner @ Sakae Sushi. Not bad, just a little bit not too fresh and damn lotsa people dining in there.
Then just shopped inside ISETAN. Not much varieties and not so nice. Due to time constraint, we will come again the next day.

Saturday->Had simple bfast at SS24 since sleep late abit. Then, drove to nearby parked the car and took LRT over to KLCC. So many people! Damn pack!! KLCC-ing for almost whole day. But end up i just bought a top fr ZARA, damaging my wallet for 99bucks! But i like it!! And shopped inside G2000 for almost 1hr but at least get all the clothes u need. And so "cheap" lor! XD
Almost bankrupt alr, feel guilty for always being like that, so Mdm.Kwan on my treat! Foods are not bad and they serve quite fast, not even 10mins after ordering.
Left at late noon, tiring..head home to sleep! But end up watched MamaMia!! Like this movie so much, and to be frank, i haven watch it before!! After watched, makes me wanna watch it over again and again!!

Nap time!! Slept till 9pm wake up, oh no, didn't know it is alr this late. Lazy to go out, so ordered Pizza Hut delivery. Seldom take Pizza but it is just once in a while, so just order a Thai Supreme and Chic wings, accompanied with 2 Aladdin movies. Alt it is a very old days cartoon but enjoy it so much full with laughter and joy!! *Enjoy it so much!! *
And i am damn sleepy after late dinner, awhh.....fat!!

Sunday-> Sleep like pig but yet still tired and sleepy. Go for brunch at 1smthg with Lai & Ray @ Atria mall. Then, head to TTDI Maxis center for my iPhone but they are doing renovation! Darn!!

So, we just head to The Curve as i want to shop for cny clothes since i can't get any at 1U, Sunway and KLCC. Restaurants are more than retailer shops..sigh! But manage to get 2 tops fr MNG and total damage 170bucks! Bought my long-awaited Mascara fr DIOR for 100bucks @ Metrojaya The Curve. Service at the cashier are just so sucks!! Pissing me off!!

Met Miyoki, Carol and Alice at Ikano. While i shopped alone coz guys don't shop and they went to Starbucks to wait me. Pai seh ya!!

The Curve don't have Maxis Center and we were forced to go to KLCC. Yar, KLCC again! 3 days in a row to KLCC...=.=! It is almost 5pm, dropped Lai back home and we go to KLCC just for that Maxis Center. Reached Maxis building and it will be closed at 9pm. Queued up and get our number, so many people and we are starving. Go for Nando's for our dinner first rather than waiting there. Then go back to Maxis, wait another 40mins before our turn, so tired and sleepy. At last it is our turn, get my iPhone and another maxis number!! Happy!!
But at the same time need to start tie up my waist. Thx for accompany me and drove me to KLCC just for a phone. Felt so guilty for the time spent as well as money. Tmr will have to work as im based in PJ, and to those fr KL company, take good rest and recharge for a challenging days to come!

I still need to get a bottom, a bag and shoes!! Perhaps some accesories too!! Shit!!

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