Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thoughts of the day ...

What says u?? Piles of complicated problems emerging into my life right now, what should i do? Continue with curious feelings, doubts, or let it be as it is?
Back to here, my little "Box of Voices", the place where i throw my feelings on..
There are too many unspoken feelings which stuck deep and hardly utter out...Oh dear, can i have a peaceful life?

Well, read a news about Tony & Fish wedding fr newspaper this morning. Congratz to the lovely couple, it is indeed a simple yet unforgettable wedding for them and friends. Once again, i'm reminded to my dream job again-> Wedding planner.
Fall in love with beautiful stuff especially weddings. How you plan it? The location, expenditure, who to invite, goodies, invitation cards, decorations and so on. Sounds like a heavy work load, but i like it!! Apparently, i will feel happy as well as envy to wedding couples because the day will be a special and memorable for them. Happy in terms of providing a great wedding plan to couples, same goes to invited guests. Should i start this now as part of my interest or make it as my job one day? Thinking to invest some on this uniquely, precious and special "interest"...^^

Back to my "peaceful life" a.k.a the life i hope to have in future. Currently, doing my internship in PJ for almost 1mth. In this short period of my staying in KL, i'm glad to have buddies with me sharing joy and tears. Some might be far from me but hearts them lot coz they still with me all the time. Thanks to my sista for staying up to date with me!!

No doubt, am quite enjoy and satisfied with my life in KL right now, the only problem would be financial problem. Due to "no allowance" from company and limited pocket money from parents. Therefore, have to break my rules and touched the loan from government. Although i should not do that as what i've promised myself earlier. Will replenish it back soon after i get some money from part time job.

Happy to know new friends and form a closer rapport with other friends as well. Feel sorry and thank you to them for lending me a hand when i need help. Had great escape on weekends and weekdays..alt it is tiring but happy with it coz my everyday was fulfilled!!

Lately have a though, perhaps my staying in KL makes me more independent ( as i always do..LOL) and more matured in thinking. Am planning my after-grad days to come. Where should i go to start my real working life, where should i settle down....bla bla bla...Malaysia?Singapore?
Or...travel and relax before the real days come? Love travel so so much!! Next destination would be Australia, Paris, Korea...Probably an island escape for me? Peace and calm...hahaz..!!

My ideal life :
Living in a lovey dovey paradise->"my dream house" with my someday-to-be partner. Leads a stable life with no financial worries, stay healthy and happy as well!! Getting busy with work loads but have fun and enjoy real life moments all the times with no bounderies. Move on to some great escape paradise when feel to do so. Hang outs with boyfriends and girlfriends, gossips, chit-chats and shoppings!! Going to have my own collection, namely "Mia's Collections" with bags, shoes, accesories, and collectible beautiful items with unique design. Get up to a blissful moments in life and stay cheers forever!!

ps: Coffee or Tea? You or Me? Take or Give? Retain or Forget?


Anonymous said...

next time my wedding, i let u plan k? haha.. u gao dim everything for me =D
help you fulfill your dream ~

elaine-mia said...

really? lol..i hv yr words...
sure wil make it a perfect n memorable one...hahaz^^

Anonymous said...

okay. i have your words too.. must make it really pretty de oh ~ hehehe.. say thank you to you first lar. =p

elaine-mia said...

its my pleasure dear...hahaz..