Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tiring Day

Here comes Sunday, yesterday night was a great night. Once again, thanks!
Back home prepared for lunch and shopping. Bathed and get prepared to go....dunno where...
Pai seh need you wait me downstairs...

Went to Segambut for the famous Seafood noodles...costing at RM15 per bowl..Small bowl! But alot of seafood...Having gastric, so can't finish up whole bowl. You promise to shop with me but you were sleepy, so i walked alone at 1U and realised that im sleepy too and super headache, js 2hr sleep kills me.So, took a cab back home. Super expensive!! Cost me 20bucks! Can't acc Lindy shop...sry!

Nap few hours, woke up at 630pm, time for dinner. Thx again for coming over fetch me to dinner. Had simple Thai food dinner, not bad but abit expensive for 2 pax. Gotta rest early tonight...Ciaoz!

ps: Need to recharge for a better day!

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