Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bad start for the Year 2010!

A last gathering and farewell with friends also cannot?
Going to shift to KL soon
Everyone is going back to uni soon

Just a simple gathering with friends also cakap banyak!
Damn tulan!
Hardly got chances to gather with buddies
Now you caused me FFK them!

Sorry my friends...
Really sorry about that
Not i don't want join u guys tonite
but parents dun allowed!

Feel so bad
just the beginning of the year
And u never try to put your feet into my situation and think!
what i really want and need!
U just know how to say NO
But not even a YES
Im alr 22 this year..
no longer kids anymore...
Of coz i will know how to differentiate black n white
You are increasing my hates to you!
When can i get my freedom??

1 comment:

emilie hsan said...

parent is like tat de la...