Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!! 2010....

what a great night..
Club with my gang and dearest Saki n Nic joined us too!!
Dear Saki & Me
*Sweet Couple*
Saki & Nic

Rum had totally changed after renovation
Great music and dance all nite long...
Bad Ken & Fat force me drink Chivas...
*wink wink*
Guys were crazy..
tonite's spending over 1k!!
walao..ordered duno hw many beer
Just saw a big kotak of Heineken on the floor
plus Chivas!!
Pity me forced by them drink Chivas fr the bottle!!T.T

Pity my leg!!T.T
wear heels also stepped by people..
pity my new heels..
1st time wear and dirty alr..
to Ah Fei & Ken!! step on me!!

3 something only leave Rum Jungle
when it is about to close..
no more energy go for supper
so we go home lerr...
Half way got road block..
lucky we just pass by like that...

Tonite Saki n Nic are sleeping at my hse!
sorry my dogs scare u guys yea!

Happy new year ppl!

Great nite!!
Gud nite!!
~*Leg Pain*~

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