Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Found some interesting quotes..in lurve with quotes!! wee.....
Most of the quotes are real and true, its just like each human being's process in life...Lets share some for the day....

"Each betrayal begins with trust"
Personally agree with that after what i had encountered in my life lately. When you start to have trust on people, it is indeed a good thing because trust makes people have the confident to go on with something. Trust on each other is the important element to get things going on smoothly. Unfortunately, a deeper trust on another party might as well caused betrayal at the end. This is partly due to over confident and 100% trust on some people caused him/her to betray you by doing something behind you which u hardly get to know about it. Only when the truth reveals, it is too late to say anything.

"Betrayal is the only truth that sticks"
Like this quote as it speaks out a real true story of human's life. Upon revealed the lies behind, you will know something or someone betrays you. Thus, the truth will only revealed...There are truths behind a lie. When it betrays, one shall know there is a truth behind it.

"The scars you can't see is the hardest to heal"
Apparently, most of the people goes on with their life happily even they had just faced some break downs. Others will assume that he/she has recovered from the pain. But the truth is, when a person suddenly turns out to be happy out of sudden, something might goes wrong. He/she is still bearing the pain deep in heart. As such, it is a scar where you or me can't see it with bare eyes and it is hard to recover from that.

ps: Falling in love with quotes..<3


Anonymous said...

i am so totally agree with what you said.
its so so so true

elaine-mia said...

Sam, u came over such thg b4? yea, i found it very true..so i just give it sum explaination..hahaz...