Monday, December 7, 2009

Super Happy Day!!! ♥♥

Went back to Kampar this morning after breakfast, kinda after 10am only we depart. Reached Kampar sharp at 11am. But c2pid guard don't allow our car go in, so have to park outside east gate there...*geram*

Weather damn sun burning!!!! Dunno today exposed to how much of sun burn alr...sigh!
Just a small brief on internship, and filled up some forms...kinda troublesome need this and that..blah blah deadline...
Later on, went back to Mimi's house pack stuff...whole car was packed, left only front passenger and drive seat available..hahaz!

On our way back to Ipoh, we drop by Jusco. Shopped around as mimi wanna buy some car accessories..
Suddenly, Mimi saw something at the cashier...she shouted:" Elaine! Look here, it's your lost bottle, a same one!!" I was shocked to see Jusco selling that...I thought only KL those selling water tumbler shop have it. It's BROS brand. I quickly asked the cashier staff where to find it, and i headed to the kitchen department store look for a new one. But can't find any...hmmm..
Therefore, back to the payment counter, think for a long time and making decision whether want it or not. At last, i bought it for RM17 only coz got 10% discount...
Now, u guys know why i am so happy larr...Now, i gain back the comfy of having the bottle with me...So so happy nia!!!!^^^^
Almost 4pm alr, bought McD Prosperity Burger for lunch...rain heavily on our way back home.
Saw alots of skin care and cosmetics brand products having Xmas promo pack...must resist myself from buying too much!! Argh....

ps: I am super duper happy to own back my bottle!!! Gotta name u..hmm, "Botty Baby"

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