Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boring & Sleepy Sunday!

what a boring Sunday...
Woke up damn early
thought i am the one fetch bro to work
who knows dad said he fetch..fine!
wanted to sleep bck but gotta do house chores..
so i js manage to nap awhile when dad is out for foot massage

js an hour short nap
and im damn blur!
can't even differentiate whether what is saw is real or js a dream
when woke up only realise its just a dream
lucky it was a dream
a bad bad dream!

How could i still dream it?
Smore a dream which makes me pissed off!
Disgusting yet annoying!
Should not dream about that again!!!

Stay at home whole day
cuz no car for me to go out
mom went bck to Taiping
and bro is working
sien dou ah....
Keep yawning...damn sleepy!
but dad at home, not dare to nap..
so cont find room rent on net...

Going bck Kampar tmr for intern brief..sigh..
gotta wake up early lerr...

p/s: Whack U up!

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