Sunday, December 6, 2009

Great Saturday Night!

It's Saturday nite...western tea time..hahaz! Thought no one ask me out tonite, but suddenly two dude asked want drink anot..since im free, why not...

Suppose go to the so-called "Purple Cane Bamboo Forest", something like that. But when walked in looks like not so suit us. So, changed venue...To Scotch Restaurant & Pub.
It's a nice place to dine and wine..families with kids are going too...once enter into the restaurant, alot of people having their meal, the western cuisine are just nice and the environment is good. Food and beverages no doubt even alcohol are at affordable prices. It has it's very own unique english style concept, the restaurant owner kept the origin of the shop, not like the modern type restaurant but more to an olden time ones.

Heard that one of the restaurant famous dish is the Steamed Chicken Drumstick where the customer need to wait for 45minutes! Wondering what so special that need this long time
Tadaa! Here it comes, after waiting for 45minutes, actually nothing special, just they added some 花雕酒. Need to eat with the cili padi only got taste. Just so so nia..and cost RM12.50 per drumstick.Each of us ordered our drinks, I ordered Bacardi Coke, same as Ah Wai. While Ah Fat one is Gin Lime...kinda sour...Ah Wai had a lamb chop, quite nice, not too raw or over cooked, just taste nice. I just ordered some snacks..but dun go for the sandwich, it is really .... argh...ordered bacon sandwich, it is really only bacon inside, not even a slice of vege/tomato/cucumber inside it. =.=''

We drink and chat....they continue order beer and draft, i just enough with my liquor..maybe coke is gassy for me...Well, 3 person costs RM91..price is okay since we ordered alcohol....

It is indeed a nice place to go...*highly recommended*..It is located at Ipoh Garden South.."Scotch Restaurant & Pub"

Scotch Restoran & Pub
Adress: 22, Tingkat Taman Ipoh Enam, Ipoh Garden South, 31400 Ipoh.
Contact: 05-5481194

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