Saturday, December 5, 2009

1st weekend of Dec

Time flies, it's been more than a week since the day i back to Ipoh. Study week starts now and gonna start do my revision, or else how to do when exam time..Brand M/ment, im gonna kill u! I hate drawings!!

Today went to Parade window shop around, but who knows my window shop cost me around 100 bucks...hahaz...

Had a pedicure for my toe nails including foot care and 3D nail art! I chose Sakura flower..nice nice.. quite cheap, oli 54 bucks! Bought Bio-Essence face lifting cream and paid 1.50bucks for tht stupid parking...argh!But bought some mask and fake eye lash..cheers me up abit..hehe! Helped Gywen changed her stuff and help mom redeem a gift fr Ogawa, c2pid massage thingy, not working geh...rubbish!

Time constraint, or else will have a cup of my fav at Starbucks and net surf awhile. Anyway, my day gonna be quite busy today..gonna be driver for bro as he is working at Erican Ipoh Garden. Mom went bck to Taiping and i can't folow coz Monday need to bck Kampar for intern briefing..sigh! Gonna travel twice next week to Kampar.

Notice fr The Star newspaper, Air Asia gonna have cheap cheap fare to Gold Coast, ngam ngam is my break starting 1st May, hmm...think of going..Mom start gatal alr..too many places wanted to go but time constraint...sigh!

Bought a slice of Baked Cheese at DeliGarden...yummy!

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