Thursday, December 10, 2009


又有好笑的故事听了。。蛮有趣。。*I'm so kepoh* hehe^^

毕竟有些事情都真相大白了,身边的人都知道和感觉到。。隐瞒? 不必了吧。。。呵呵。。
Something which is widely known, just make it public, no harm rite? Unless there is something which makes oneself feel ashamed of making it public. *Oopsy*

发觉现在的小孩都好成熟哦。。小小年纪就很懂事了。。反而成年人却一点都不成熟, 思想幼稚。。
Just so pathetic...
有时在想,为什么有些人可以酱厚脸皮呢? 难道他们都不想给自己留下一点尊严吗?
外界的闲言闲语, 指指点点。。有酱多难听的话。。。难道他们不觉得很难堪吗?很羞耻吗?


Mom said: Be suspicious ppl around you, do not ever simply believe anyone in your life even your loved ones, because 人心难测。。haha..
Mom told me this since i was at a young age, and when i recall back, i found out that what she said is very true. And i always stay beware of people around me, hardly believe what people want me to believe. Thus, there is hardly "trust" build up between me and others.
Perhaps it is not so good for not believing own friend, but at least i build up a precaution against others to avoid getting hurt again.

Sometimes we as a human being, must set a limit on ourself. Do not do anything outrages which might hurt yourself as well as your loved ones. When it is something which comes to family and friends, think twice and make a wiser decision. Appreciate and listen to what family and friend's advice to you.

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