Friday, December 11, 2009


It's Friday! Others are enjoying the day, setting up Xmas tree at their home, decorating up offices, or decorating up the it is year end of 2009, many shoppers become the big spenders for the month.Most of the people are busying shop for Xmas gift for their loved ones...
Yeap! Christmas is just around the corner...Christians are caroling at their fun!

But it is not a good Friday for sad..because im sick since yesterday. Whole body muscle and bones are aching..just a simple stretching and it makes me cry in pain.Darn! Wondering should i just go to the hospital? But i hate to go consult doctor ever since im still a young little girl. Everyone who knows me well knew about that. I don't want injections! I don't want medicine!! Awhh...God pls help!

Need to start study alr!!! No more dramas!! Moral...i mesti makan u! Brand m/ment..can i write than draw? =.=''
But i start Cafe World..swt..=.=''

Yoohoo! Dylan has back to Msia..coming bck to Ipoh tonite..has been quite a long period since we grad fr secondary school. So miss him!!! So lucky of him can go abroad study at Ireland..envy lerr! Yumcha tonite..yay! Must have fun with them!!^^

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