Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big TQ to My Dearies!! ^.^

Hereby, i would like to thank all my friends for staying by my side, especially those who give me advice and cares. Each of them is indeed a great friend to me and i appreciate them so much that they had tried their very best to comfort me when i am sad. When i need someone to lean on, they are the one who stay with me. Peeps, u'll are such great great friend to me! I would never stand up and stay strong today if weren't u guys who pull me out of the night mare. Thanks so much!

Hey "asshole"...Oops, should be Mr.L .... You are a great one to me..Sorry always make you worry about me..tq so much for always be my listener...tq for yr patience and care..thx for scolding me and waking me up alt i don't wake up la..hahaz..but im fine now..just..thx for everything..You are my bestie forever!!

Kev, thx for yer advice..I found it meaningful and i felt great..i learnt something new from you...hahaz..Just ...thank you so much!^^

Clee, tq for being by my side yea!! Pai seh always bother you...hehe..but im glad u always there for me when i need a friend to lean on...Sista forever!!
♥ Hugzz

Gywen, you are the first sista i know in UTAR. Miss the 1st sem we had..Tq for being my listener too when im down..
Tq for everything la..hearts speak is more than enough..take care of your health! *Sista sista*

KY, i felt great to have u as my friend. Thx for all the advices and care..I knew there are certain time, it is hard for u to stand by my side..haha, thx for staying neutral..but after all, im glad that u be my listener too..each of your advice is meant to me..Gracias! Sista forever!! ~Huggies~

Malacca Ah Moi, 辛苦你了!! haha, i bet u get what i mean..someone always "ngam" beside u...big big thx to u coz always be with me...lucky Dan didn't jealous.. Thank you so much for everything..your ear can rest now but your hand can't!!! Muax!

Leng lui Moy in da house!! Big thx to you also...thx for everything o!!
*Gossip Gurl* ^^

Saki dear, tq so much coz always acc me..same to nic! Glad that you stay with me whenever i need someone to talk to..Alt we just know each other for not so long, but you are a great junior and friend to me...glad to be yr jie fu but i will be feel great we can be sista!! U must always cheer up yea!!

Angie!!! Hahaz..looking for u thank you also..thx for the advice u gave to me..never thought a young lady like you can spell out so many meaningful advice..Yeah, God will always stay by our side and gives us spirit..Alt im nt Christian, hehe..but i appreciate for the yer advice...=) ♥ Sista foreva!!

Dear Mimi-san...tq so much for always acc me and stay with me...i knew u also one of them who always listen to those grumpy stuff...
but thx so much for everything...~Hearts~ Buddy 4eva!!

My deary, u will always be my best buddy..thx for everything yea! heart u always...

Pek Lee gurl..she is da blur blur gal always..but thx to her advice and accompany...sorry that once i scare u off..but u came to me once knew about my thing...thx so much! Muax!!

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emilie hsan said...

haha...cant believe wor.. me oso in ur list.. zz
bt feel happy oso la.. at least wateva happy or sad oso hv u ma..
u acc me, me acc u lor... =)
Danny sure wun jealous la.. u're not a boy... lol...