Saturday, December 12, 2009

2nd weekend Dec...

It's Saturday..2nd weekend for Dec month..time pass so fast..Tuesday will be having my first paper..realised that im not like a PR student as most of the subjects i studied are advertising one. Sigh...what for UTAR come out with PR course..swt..=P

Went to Coach warehouse sales at Syuen Hotel..just so sucks..looks like pasar malam bag smore cost from cert punya...sell by malay market also malays...
Then, fetch mom for hair cut..Jazsmon didn't open so went to Kenneth studio..i did mention before don't ever visit this salon. But only the boss who is good at hair cut..but mom let a shampoo gurl cut it..swt...speechless!

Went to salon supplier shop buy some gone...sigh!
Shit day! Aunty visit me..damn pain right am i going to have the mood to study..but can't keep sleeping as late noon i alr nap for 2hrs.. Had weird dream during the nap...geli!

Felt so alone when im suffering from the pain..whole day at home alone..parents went to PG for dinner..left me alone at home..that stupid bastard..quarrel with selfish guy! Hard to comm with him..better stay far away from me..don't heat me up!

ps: Pissed off!


Thank you for making my day..Feel much more better after talking with you..So comfy^^..Hearts u!! Hugss..Sweet dream!! ^v^

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